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It's really fun!  The menu music is outstanding

Great game! Very fun


It's a good game, but there's just one tiny problem. Iris. The other bosses are both challenging but fair. Iris throws that out of the window. Iris doesn't have any sort of pattern, it just does whatever it feels like doing with absolutely no telegraphing whatsoever.


Very fun game! :) 

I'll post a full review of the "Dead" sequel when I'm done with it on the Steam page, but for now I'll post this here:

Fantastic sequel! Love everything about it! Stylized, colorful, and each boss has its own way of doing things! Thanks so much for reaching out to me!

I really like when I drag the mouse off the screen and when I let go it doesn't teleport me. Great feature.

Giving the player an option to go fullscreen or not breaking the game when I maximize it would certainly help.
The game is pretty good, though, don't get me wrong. Just this minor bug makes the game extremely unfair sometimes.


On the case! The Steam version has an option to lock the cursor to the game window.

Years of Dark Souls has prepared me for this moment. Great game, and promising future for the sequel!

Great concept and an interesting way of fighting. I took me a while to get used to, but after an hour of just recognizing patterns I finally beat all three of them :D Will be looking forward to seeing the bigger release on steam!


he made a video of your game :D

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Thanks a lot man! ¡Muchas Gracias!

np bro I love dead



Wow! Someone made a video of my game! That's great, wish I could understand what you were saying.


Having a toaster comp with a 144hz monitor, this game makes me really happy.

I do like that you have a maximum quality monitor with a little toaster comp. Bloody good on'ya

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Certainly trying!


Amazing, will defs buy when it comes out to steam

Love the Berserk References, with the fetus and the Berserker, especially while I'm re-reading it for the 3rd time, really stoked to see it reflected well in the game (especially with the Berserker)

Currently trying to beat the secret, though one thing I will say is this is best downloaded and played, the full screen mode on the downloaded version removes the annoying out of window mouse problems, but otherwise really solid game 9/10

Thank you! I love Berserk and I just really wanted to fight Guts.


Took me about an hour to beat it. Was very fun! : ^)

Well done! And thank you for having the patience to play my game!


Awesome game, do you thing you could compile (port) this and the full version (when it comes out) for linux?

I don't see why not!